Zest Protocol Timeline to Opening

Zest Protocol is opening in the week of 5th May, which is when users will be able to interact with the protocol again. Read on for the full update.


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April 16, 2024

Tycho Onnasch

Users will be able to interact with Zest Protocol from the week of 5th May, with the exact date to be communicated on X.

Shortly after deployment on Stacks mainnet, Zest Protocol came under attack. The attack was mitigated and user balances were secured. Zest Protocol is currently paused. Full details can be found in our security update here.

Security is at the heart of our operating ethos. The most security optimised strategy prior to opening Zest Protocol is:

  • Another full audit of the Zest Protocol core contracts
  • Concurrent review by the top Clarity smart contract white hat hackers

Zest Protocol is currently being audited by a highly experienced team of Clarity auditors at Thesis Defense (the original auditors of the Stacks blockchain). Concurrently, two white hat hackers with top-15 positions on the global Immunefi leaderboard are reviewing the contracts. They both won critical Clarity bounties in the past. Coinfabrik is also doing a full review of the Zest Protocol contracts.

Security takes time. After careful review with our partners, we decided that opening in the week of 5th May is the most security optimised timeframe.

What does this mean for users with positions while Zest Protocol is paused?

  • Users are able to interact with Zest Protocol in the week of 5th May (exact date to be communicated on X)
  • Positions remain the same during that time (no interest charged or accruing)
  • Positions where collateral value has dropped below the liquidation threshold will be subject to a 3-day grace period from the opening date. During this grace period, users can top up collateral to avoid liquidation after the grace period ends
  • To protect users from market swings, positions where the collateral value has fallen below the value of the debt, will be liquidated upon re-opening without a liquidation penalty applied

Roughly $10m of TVL is currently on Zest Protocol, >90% of this is Stacked STX (stSTX) by Stacking DAO. Stacking DAO has announced a major points booster for users with stSTX on Zest Protocol. For the duration of the Zest Protocol pause, stSTX on Zest Protocol is earning double Stacking DAO points. This is what leadership in Stacks DeFi looks like.

For more announcements about incentives and rewards while Zest Protocol is paused, keep a close look on our X page. Some exciting things are coming.

I'm also hosting a spaces today if you have any questions. We'll talk about building secure protocols on Stacks with guests from Coinfabrik and Thesis Defense, including co-host and Arkadiko Finance exploit survivor Philip de Smedt.

Further updates on the opening will be communicated soon. Onwards!

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Written by
Tycho Onnasch
April 16, 2024

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